Rules of Operation

Rules of Operation
What you need to know before using a Float Room.
• Do not use the float rooms when under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication or when Menstruating.
• The use of the float room by more than 1 person is prohibited.
Shower before entering the float tank. Use Shampoo and Body wash only.
• The use of earplugs is advised. They will be provided to you before you enter.
• Put small towel and fresh water spray bottle on grip bar in the float room. You can use these to dry hands before touching face and rinse eyes with fresh water.
• Enter the tank and lay down you will float on the salt water.
• You can turn on and off the lights with the white and grey air switches on the right.
• The red button is an alarm button use this incase of and emergency. An alarm will go of at the front desk.
• Maximum water depth in float tank 10.5”.
• For the nearest emergency room, use phone at front desk.
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