Benefits of Salt Room

Halotherapy is being currently developed method of speleotherapy. It is a method of inhalation occurring in an aerosol environment saturated in salt aerosol inhaled by patients in strictly specified concentration.

Halotherapy services is relatively new, but already verified business branch. It may be associated with biological regeneration and health-supporting services in the field of recreational-spa tourism.

Halotherapy services are medical services which contribute to the general improvement of the psychophysical condition of people. In accordance to this fact promotion of the healthy lifestyle is becoming a question of utmost importance nowadays. Many years' experience of pulmonologists indicates that salt cures and alleviates many human ailments, giving psychological and physical comfort every single day. Basing on the pulmonologists' experience, willing to satisfy your demands, Krysztalowy Swiat® has developed and patented such products as: Salt Plates®, Salt Puzzles and Salt Panels® to saunas. We moreover execute: Crystal Salt Chamber, Salt Grottos, Salt Caves, Brine Graduation Towers and salt-made interior design.

Our products are made of natural salt crystals, containing the microelements indispensable for people's life, such as:
iron: prevents anaemia, eliminates drowsiness and increases resistance to infections
calcium: prevents conditions in the bone and joint system
magnesium: protects against metabolic disorders, hypercholesterolemia and oxalosis (gallstones and kidney stones), reduces excitability
copper: eliminates metabolic disorders and is conducive for better assimilation of iron
manganese: reduces toxic properties of many harmful compounds in daily life
zinc: prevents prostate diseases and growth disorders
selenium: sweeps free radicals and protects against cancerous illnesses by neutralisation of harmful effect of mercury, lead and cadmium present in polluted air, and delays the body ageing processes
lithium: prevents sclerosis and heart diseases and even, to some extent, diabetes
iodine: prevents thyroid diseases.

Crystalline rock salt is a natural ioniser, efficiently improving quality of air, by emission of negative ions, which can be found in the close vicinity of seas, waterfalls and in the air after the storm. Negatively ionised air allows to improve our physical condition and supports the treatment of several diseases, like: asthma, lungs' diseases, bronchitis, cardiovascular problems, after heart-attack states, hypertension, peptic ulcers of stomach and duodenum, gastritis, psoriasis, skin inflammation, allergies, various types of neurosis, reduced resistance to stress, exhaustion.

Therapeutic advantages of the microclimate created by such our products as: Salt Plates®, Salt Puzzles, Salt Panels® come down to creation of natural aerosols, i.e. air is modified in dispersion phase, while solid and liquid particles in diffuse phase. It is very important that dispersed components are negatively charged.

Our Crystal Salt Chamber is almost identical to it's sensational real equivalents in terms of physical, chemical and biological conditions, which include their healing properties. The appearance and structure of the mine excavation have been restored with extraordinary care, and thanks to an air conditioning and ventilation systems' use - temperature, humidity and a special, unique micro climate characteristic of salt mine depths (up to 650m/720 yd) have been preserved inside our Chambers. Air filling the Crystal Salt Chamber is rich with valuable micro elements and does not include practically any noxious substances characteristic of the modern city environment. With high content of sodium chloride, which works anti-allergic and anti fungal, purity of air in the chamber is ten times higher than outside. These characteristics of micro climate, i.e. biological and chemical purity, saturation with trace elements and negative ionization have beneficial effect on healthy people as well. Staying in such conditions significantly reduces stress, deepens and slows down breathing, enhances concentration capacity, brings feeling of freshness and satisfaction, and at the same time retards skin aging and smooths out wrinkles. Visits in Crystal Salt Chamber should occur every two days and in case of healthy people once a week for prevention reasons.
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Benefits of Salt Room
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